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Polymer composite material repairs the bearing chamber of the plate bending machine

The plate bending machine is a kind of equipment that uses work rolls to bend and form sheet materials. It can form parts of different shapes such as cylindrical parts and conical parts. It is very important processing equipment. The bearing hole is a very critical part of the plate rolling machine. Once the bearing chamber of the plate bending machine is worn, the rolled workpiece cannot be guaranteed.

Repair Plate Bending Machine Bearing Cavity
Repair Steel Plate Bending Machine Bearing Cavity

Polymer composite material repair bearing chamber

If the bearing chamber on the transmission side of the large plate rolling machine is seriously worn because the equipment does not have the conditions for on-site disassembly, the disassembly and offline maintenance cycle are long, and it consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, which seriously affects the production and overall efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, only the technology of on-site maintenance can be adopted.

In our repair experience, the repair effect of polymer composite materials has always been good. Therefore, in this case, we would recommend that the company adopt the polymer composite material on-site maintenance technology, which does not require the overall disassembly of the equipment, but only needs to expose the repaired part.

The key point of polymer composite repair is to use the unworn position on the bearing chamber as the benchmark to ensure that the coaxial after repair meets the equipment operating range and meets the bearing assembly requirements, so as to achieve rapid production recovery and reliable and effective repair purposes.

10 steps for repairing the bearing chamber on the drive side of the rolling machine with polymer composites

  • First remove the drive side parts of the CNC plate bending machine, expose the parts to be repaired, and remove the oil;
  • Use oxygen acetylene to remove oil from the bearing holes on the transmission side of the plate trimming machine until the oil stains are carbonized without sparks and splashes;
  • Use an electric wire brush to remove the dust and rust in the repair position of the bearing chamber on the drive side of the plate rolling machine, use a grinding wheel to remove the metal burrs, and then use a polisher to polish the repaired surface to achieve roughness, no loose animals, and see the primary color of the metal;
  • Use the unworn parts on the drive side bearing chamber of the rolling machine to determine the concentricity of the repaired part;
  • Determine the diameter of the simulated shaft, and process the simulated shaft tooling;
  • Calculate the blended polymer composite material according to the wear amount;
  • The material is evenly coated on the repair site without pores;
  • The simulated shaft tooling needs to be coated with a release agent;
  • Remove the dummy shaft tooling and remove excess material;
  • Reinstall the oil film bearing on the drive side of the rolling machine and install it in place.


The polymer composite material repair technicians can quickly repair the wear of the bearing chamber of the plate rolling machine online. It does not require a lot of disassembly of the equipment, only the repair part can be disassembled. Generally, the repair work can be completed in just a few hours. Significantly shorten the downtime of the enterprise and reduce the losses caused to the enterprise due to sudden or major equipment problems.