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Features of 5 major components of PR4 4 roll plate rolling machine

Work roll movement of PR4 4 roll plate rolling machine

6 features of the rolls

Rolling Pate with a PR4 Plate Rolling Machine
  • The four work rolls of the PR4 steel plate rolling machine has been forged, quenched, and tempered, HB260~300, surface quenched, hardness HRC48-55, good comprehensive mechanical properties, high strength, strong wear resistance, suitable for heavy-duty work.
  • Wafangdian double-row heavy-duty rolling bearings are used for the bearings at the end of the work roll, which has a small friction coefficient and reduces the reactive power loss, saving energy.
  • The side rolls can be lifted up for sheet alignment to avoid misalignment of the roll.
  • The lower roll and the side roll can be tilted at one end and can be raised and lowered at the same time in the tilted state. Cone rolling is easier.
  • The lifting of the side rolls adopts a diagonal movement structure, and the side rolls are pushed by hydraulic cylinders in the linear track to make up and down reciprocating movements. The advantages are high coiling precision, good pre-bending effect, firm structure, stable performance, high control precision, long service life, and easy maintenance;
  • The lifting displacement of the lower roll and side roll is controlled by the computer, and it is automatically leveled. High-precision absolute value displacement sensors are used to ensure the accuracy of each position and realize the position monitoring of each roll. Touch screen digital display, synchronization accuracy ±0.1mm. The rolling plate has high precision and is easy to operate.

Unload workpiece device

  • The overturning bearing body (overturning head) is equipped with a dumping oil cylinder. The overturning head can be tilted and erected, which is convenient for workpiece picking. The overturning and reset of the overturning bearing body are equipped with an interlock device. After the overturning bearing body is overturned, other actions are in a standby state, the action can be resumed only after the bearing body is turned over and reset, which plays a role of safety protection.
  • The tail of the top roll is equipped with a balance device, which balances the upper roll when the bearing body is turned over. When the top roll is turned over and discharged, the top roll is in a balanced state by the balance mechanism, so that the cylindrical workpiece can be easily taken out.

Control and electrical system

  • Intelligent plate rolling machine precisely controlled by NC and CNC systems
  • The main electrical components are all selected from Siemens/Schneider electric products, which have the characteristics of long service life and long trouble-free time.
  • Equipped with a movable operating platform, it is easy to operate, and the touch screen displays the precise position of the three working rolls, allowing the operator to control them in real time.
  • The control system adopts a PLC programmable controller, which has protection functions such as fault diagnosis, the intelligent judgment of operation errors, monitoring of various parts of the plate rolling machine tool, logic processing, and power-off memory; the system has strong anti-interference ability, long service life, earthquake resistance, Stable operation, and other advantages.

Hydraulic system

  • The main valve groups in the hydraulic system are all selected from the Japanese Yuken brand. The valve group is a casting flow channel with a large flow rate, small resistance, small pressure loss, and low heat generation, which makes the sheet metal rolling machine reliable and has a long service life.
  • The joints of the hydraulic pipelines are made of Japanese NOK brand quick-fit joints, which have reliable radial seals to ensure that the hydraulic system of the equipment does not leak oil during operation.
  • The hydraulic system has oil suction and returns oil filters to ensure the cleanliness of the system, an air filter to ensure the normal breathing of the oil tank and water evaporation, and a double-channel safety protection device in the system to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Overall base

The overall base is adopted, which is rigid, easy to hoist, and easy to install. Both the frame and the base are welded and annealed to eliminate internal stress and improve the precision of the plate bending machine. The whole machine structure is composed of building blocks, which is more convenient for maintenance; the shape is beautiful and the overall feeling is strong.