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BR180 Angle Roller

Technical Parameters

BR180 Angle Roller


angle bending machine for flat steel cul-turn
Min.bending DIA(mm):Φ1500
angle bending machine for flat steel out-turn
Min.bending DIA(mm):Φ900
angle bending machine for square steel
Min.bending DIA(mm):Φ1600
angle bending machine for steel round tube
Min.bending DIA(mm):Φ2500
angle bending machine for steel square tube
Min.bending DIA(mm):Φ5000
angle bending machine for L steel&angle steel cul turn
Min.bending DIA(mm):Φ1800
angle bending machine for L steel&angle steel out turn
Min.bending DIA(mm):Φ3000
angle bending machine for channel steel&U steel cul turn
Min.bending DIA(mm):Φ2000
angle bending machine for channel steel&U steel out turn
Min.bending DIA(mm):Φ2000
angle bending machine for I steel cul turn
Min.bending DIA(mm):Φ2000
angle bending machine for I steel out turn
Min.bending DIA(mm):Φ9000
Sectional modulus cm3:140-180
Bending speed:6 Meters/Minute
Material yield limit(Mpa):250
Motor power (KW):18.5

Click here to download the Operation Manual of the BR180 Angle Roller;


Arc down-type three-roll Angle Bending Machine, the bed for the steel structure, to eliminate the internal stress treatment, the main roller transmission through the hydraulic system through the hydraulic motor, gear, sprocket transmission to the power to do the rotating movement. The two side rollers make arc-type movement around the center axis. Through the hydraulic system, the power transmitted by the hydraulic motor, gear, and the main roller simultaneously perform the rotation movement. The idler is installed on the side roller, so that the idler roller is carried along with the side roller at the same time. Arc movement to ensure the accuracy of rolled profiles. According to the requirements of the site and profile, it can be installed vertically or horizontally.


BR180 Angle Roller with the bending function of profiles, three working rollers are mainly driven rollers, through the hydraulic motor, gear to achieve, the two rollers for the hydraulic drive, the two rollers can be around the fixed rotary center to do arc movements, work rolls on both sides of the roll and Correction Guide roll device, to ensure that asymmetric section (such as Angle steel) The quality of the profile roll.

Performance characteristics:

1. The equipment has the advantages of small volume, compact structure, reliable performance and convenient operation and maintenance.

2. With the bending function of the end of the profile, once the material is not turned around to complete the workpiece bending molding;

3. Structure form; three-roll arc type;

4. Equipped with independent mobile console, easy to operate;


BR180 Angle Roller is mainly composed of bed part, side roll part, idler part, transmission part, electrical part and hydraulic system, mold and so on.

The BR180 Angle Roller Machine is the introduction of foreign technology production of arc three-roll profile bending machine, with profile bending function,

Three work rolls are the main driving rollers, which are realized by hydraulic motor and gear.

Two lower roll up and down to hydraulic transmission, two lower roll can be around the fixed center of rotation to do arc lifting movement

On both sides of the work roll, there is a roller and a straightening roller device, which is beneficial to ensure the quality of the unsymmetrical section (such as the angle steel).

Uses of BR 180 angle roller:

Heavy metal frame works,Highway and rail transit construction,Shipbuilding,City furniture,Small and medium-sized steel production,auto industry,Agriculture and animal husbandry facilities,Air conditioning and refrigeration industry,Renewable energy industry,Construction machinery industry,Playground facilities.


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