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W24-260 Section Bending Machine

Angle Roller, Profile Bending Machine Specifications

W24-260 Section Bending Machine
W24-260 Section Bending Machine

                   Device model

Technical parameters




The Max bending section modulus of profile




Material yield limit




Bending speed


~ 4


Up axis diameter




Down axis diameter




Standard rollermold diameter




Side roller lifting speed


~ 180


Motor power




Hydraulic system pressure






3000 * 2700 * 2700





Angle bar bending (inner bending)

Max section(mm)



Angle bar bending (outer bending)

Max section(mm)



U-steel(inner/ outer)

Max section(mm)



Flat steel plane-bending

Max section(mm)



Flat steel vertical-bending

Max section(mm)



Circular pipe

Max section(mm)



Round Steel

Max section(mm)



Square tube bending

Max section(mm)





The section bending machine belongs to the hydraulic symmetrical profile bending machine. It is a general-purpose equipment specially designed for bending and forming of profiles. It can adapt to the coiling of some models of angle steel, flat iron, round steel, channel steel, square tube and round pipe. It is widely used. Boiler, chemical, mining, construction, shipbuilding and other machinery industries.

The electrical equipment used in the equipment is brand-name quality products, and the electrical components are strictly tested before installation and ensure reliable operation.

Angle roller runs smoothly, has flexible control, no jamming, oil leakage and abnormal noise. The surface of the paint is flat and bright, the thickness of the paint is uniform, and there are no defects such as flow marks and leakage.


Main components


Part Name



Main motor

Xiaohong, Shanghai


Hydraulic motor



Main electrical components






Hydraulic valve

Yuken, Yuci



Omron, Japan


Main cylinder seal

Dingji, Taiwan


Programmable display

Tewei, Canada


Hydraulic pump


Mechanical part:

The machine is small in size, compact in structure, reliable in performance, convenient in operation and maintenance, and the bending accuracy meets the requirements of industry standards;

With the pre-bending function of the profile end, only one process is required to complete the bending of the workpiece;

Structural form: three-roller arc type.

Drive mode:

   The three work rolls are mainly driven rollers, which are realized by hydraulic motor and gears. The upper roller is fixed in position, and the two lower rollers are hydraulically driven, which can be used for arc lifting movement around the fixed rotary center;The lifting displacement screen shows that the work roll is provided with a roller and a correcting guide to ensure the winding quality of the profile of the asymmetric section;

The auxiliary roller can achieve three forms of motion:

A, lifting movement.

B, can simultaneously perform an arc lifting movement with the lower roller;

C, can perform rotary motion at the same time, digital display of motion state, eye-catching and intuitive, and observe the molding quality of the profile during the rolling process;

Equipped with a separate mobile console for easy operation.

 Body: The structure is welded by Q235 (ASTM: A283GRC, A284GRB, A306GR55) steel plate and subjected to stress relief annealing. The strength and rigidity meet the requirements of China and industry standards;

Can roll angle steel, flat steel, channel steel, I-beam, light rail, steel pipe and other materials (need to replace the mold);

The work roll spindles are all self-aligning roller bearings.

The mold material is 42CrMo forging, quenching and tempering treatment HB235~270, and the whole quenching, excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, high strength, strong wear resistance, suitable for high load work, long service life.

The rotation of the work roller shaft is rolling frictionBearing characteristics of work roll shaft diameter: Low speed, heavy load, high torque rolling bearing, low reactive loss, high working efficiency and low energy consumption.

The movement method of the arm is no-track motion, which overcomes the disadvantages of manufacturing difficulty, easy wear and large friction coefficient caused by the slide track.

Reduces consumables and extends machine life.

The arm and the cylinder are used to push the roller shafts on both sides, and the energy-saving and labor-saving lever principle is applied to reduce the reactive power loss.

Hydraulic & Electrical:

The main valve groups in the hydraulic system are selected from the famous Chinese brand Yuci. The valve group is a casting flow passage with large flow rate, low resistance, small pressure loss and low heat generation, which makes the machine performance more reliable.

The hydraulic pipe joints are all equipped with China's new technology - quick-connect fittings, which have a reliable radial seal to ensure that the hydraulic system does not leak oil during operation.

The hydraulic system has suction and oil return filter to ensure the cleaning of the system. There is an air filter to ensure normal gas exchange and evaporation of the water tank. There are two-way safety protection devices in the system to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Each input and output of the hydraulic system is equipped with corresponding detection points for easy maintenance and fault checking. The oil pump adopts the lower type and positive pressure oil absorption. At the same time, the filter is equipped with a liquid level gauge and a liquid temperature gauge. The hydraulic station is independent of the base for easy maintenance and away from heat.

Strictly in accordance with Chinese national standards and Chinese industry standards, the bending radius is reasonable, and not less than 900, smooth and excessive, reasonable arrangement of shock absorber moving pipe clamps, effectively avoiding shock, vibration, and ensuring that the hydraulic pipeline has no impact and vibration.

The design fully considers high efficiency and energy saving, reduces power waste, and reduces heat sources.

Provide instructions for common fault phenomena and troubleshooting methods for hydraulic systems of bending machines.

The main electrical components of the high-power part are selected from China's high-end high-quality products, featuring long service life and long time-to-failure. The electrical system is equipped with safety protection devices such as overcurrent, overheating, overload protection and various actions of the hydraulic system. Safety interlock protection device.

Product quality commitment:

The warranty period is calculated from the date of signing of the equipment acceptance, and the warranty period is one year.

The technical documentation of the products responsible for providing the products for delivery is consistent with the technical specifications and is in accordance with the technical specifications throughout the technical process, production, installation and commissioning process.

Spare parts and special tools


Part Name





Electronic control equipment


Hydraulic device


Secondary motor line accessories and necessary materials (motor line control line to actuator wiring)


Hydraulic piping and necessary materials


Lubrication pipeline and necessary materials


Standard tools


Anchor bolts


Technical information

Section bending machine
Section bending machine

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