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MSH-200 section bending machine is a machine with very small section modulus.

MSH-200 Section Bender
MSH-200 Section Bender


MSH-200 section bending machine is a machine with very small section modulus.

It is not a product of BIT, but a product of a BIT-friendly company. We can sell this small section bending machine on your behalf.


Full hydraulic transmission, electrical centralize control, digital read out, once feeding without return to finish bending and pre-bending and other process;

Top roller fixed, two bottom roller move by arc lifting around a fixed center. They can rising and falling separately also rising and falling at the same time.

Three drive rolls mounted with hydraulic motor, without slipping, even for thineer material can be bent;

Side guide rollers to ensure the high quality for asymmetrical section bending.

Full function, various profile can be bent by replace the mold;

Vertical and horizontal optional;

NC or CNC can be optional by customer;


1 set of standard hardened and ground rolls (special steel)

All rolls Planetary/Gear – Hydro motor Driven

3-axis hardened side supports with hydraulic forward-backward movement and mechanical up-down and right-left movement

Side supports are suitable for angle iron bending leg in -Leg Out

Portable control panel

Horizontal and Vertical operation

Body constructed of stress-relieved steel

Overload protection on hydraulic and electrical systems

Bottom rolls hydraulically adjustable with digital readout


Technical dataMSH-200
Rolling speed (m/min)6
Steel yield limitation(mpa)S=250

Angle steel
Max. size (mm)40×5
Min. Dia. (mm)800
Min. size (mm)20×3
Min. Dia. (mm)400

Angle steel
Mx.  size (mm)50×5
Min. Dia. (mm)800
Min. size (mm)20×3
Min. Dia  (mm)400
U type steelU steel No.8
Min. Dia. (mm)600

U type steel
U steel No.8
Min. Dia. (mm)700

Flat steel
Max. section (mm)100×18
Min. Dia. (mm)600

Flat steel
Max. section (mm)50×12
Min. Dia. (mm)500

Round pipe
Max. section (mm)42×4
Min. Dia. (mm)500

Round bar
Max. section (mm)38
Min. Dia. (mm)450

Square pipe
Max. section (mm)45×3
Min. Dia. (mm)750


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