Steel Channel Bending Machine
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Steel Channel Bending Machine


Steel Channel Bending Machine
Steel Channel Bending Machine
Maximum bending section modulus profiles616304575100
Plate speed(m/min)65
Profiles yield limit(mpa)250
Angle leg-out   maximum cross-section(mm)40*570*880*890*10100*10120*12
Minimum bending diameter(mm)80010001200150020002500
Minimum cross-section(mm)20*330*335*336*538*440*5
Minimum bending diameter(mm)400550560600600720
Angle leg-in   maximum cross-section(mm)50*580*890*10100*10120*12140*16
Minimum bending diameter(mm)80010001100130016001800
Minimum cross-section(mm)20*330*335*336*538*445*5
Minimum bending diameter(mm)400550500600700760
Channel steel bent outwardChannel model81216202528
 Minimum bending diameter(mm)600800800100011001700
Within the curved channel steelmaximum cross-section(mm)81216202528
 Minimum bending diameter(mm)7009001000115016001700
Flat-along facemaximum cross-section(mm)100/18150*25180*25200*30220*40250*40
 Minimum bending diameter(mm)60070080090010001200
Flat-along edgemaximum cross-section(mm)50*1275*1690*20100*25110*40120*40
 Minimum bending diameter(mm)500760800100011001300
Round tube bendingmaximum cross-section(mm)42*476*4.589*589*8114*5159*5
 Minimum bending diameter(mm)50075090090012002000
Round steel bendingmaximum cross-section(mm)385262758590
 Minimum bending diameter(mm)45060060080010001100
Square tube bendingmaximum cross-section(mm)45*360*470*480*690*8100*10
 Minimum bending diameter(mm)7509001000120016002000



1 set of standard hardened and ground rolls (special steel)

All rolls Planetary/Gear - Hydro motor Driven

3-axis hardened side supports with hydraulic forward-backward movement and mechanical up-down and right-left movement

Side supports are suitable for angle iron bending leg in -Leg Out&

Portable control panel

Horizontal  and Vertical operation

Body constructed of stress-relieved steel

Overload protection on hydraulic and electrical systems

Bottom rolls hydraulically adjustable with digital readout  W24Y-400 ecomonical type metal profile section bending machine

1Hydraulic elementsYuken, Japan
2SealingValqua, Japan
4LCD displayTouchwin,China
5Electrical elementsSiemens, Germany
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Steel channel rolling machine
Steel channel rolling machine 2000px
Steel channel rolling machine
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Steel Channel Bending Machine
Steel Channel Bending Machine 2000px
Beam bending machine
Beam bending machine
Steel Channel Bending Machine
Steel Channel Bending Machine 1920px

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Nantong Borisbang Industrial Technology (NBIT) rooted in Haian County of Jiangsu Province,China. The main production section bending machine. NBIT was founded in 2001 and has more than 17 years experience in this field.

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