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PBT-2575 Flat Bar Bending Machine

flat bar bending machine
flat bar bending machine
flat bar bending machine

PBT-2575 flat bar bending machine

PBT automatic flat bar bending machine is suitable for bending metal bending equipment such as flat steel, aluminum plate, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe, etc, stability and reliability.

Production capacity

15-20 seconds per turn.


  • Good lubrication system: automatic lubrication at key positions, convenient refueling, and easy maintenance.
  • Good cooling system: The cooling system is reasonably designed, the flow rate of the cooling water pump is sufficient to dissipate heat, and it has a good cooling hydraulic oil function.
  • Bending speed: 40°/sec
  • Display the processing cycle of the elbow workpiece, with a counting function, display the total number of elbows and the effective working time (the cumulative number is not cleared), and the number of single-shift processing and working time (the password can be manually entered to clear it)
flat bar bending machine
flat bar bending machine

Electronic control system

The flat bar bending machine has an overload protection function; the operating body of the equipment is equipped with a reliable leakage protection device (the power supply will be automatically cut off in the event of leakage); the whole machine has a reliable grounding system and a complete line protection function. An emergency stop button is installed at the location.
The pipeline layout is standardized, beautiful, and neat.
Components and wiring are arranged neatly, all components are marked and fixed well, and both ends of the wire are pressed with cold-pressed terminals, and marked with a marking tube according to the line number of the drawing.
The drawings and data given are consistent with the actual installation and wiring of the equipment.

Hydraulic system

The water-cooled cooling method can ensure that the oil temperature is not higher than 55 ℃ under normal 24-hour working conditions. The maximum working pressure of the hydraulic system does not exceed 14MPa.

Composition principle

The automatic flat bar bending machine includes mechanical equipment, fluid system, and electrical control system.
Mechanical equipment includes pipe bending head, bending arm, clamping mechanism, core pulling mechanism, etc.
The fluid system includes the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system includes a hydraulic station, valve group, hydraulic pipeline, and accessories.
The control system is composed of ordinary electrical appliances and a single-chip microcomputer system.​​

How do you bend a flat bar?

Manually put the cut pipe into the fixture, step on the footswitch, the equipment will automatically clamp the metal profile and then automatically bend the metal profile, and the metal profile will be automatically retracted after bending, and the next cycle will be performed after the pipe is manually taken.