B15-8 CNC Profile Bending Machine

B15-8 CNC Profile Bending Machine working principle

B15-8 CNC Profile Bending Machine is an 8-axis mechanical structure, using rollers that match the profile, and realizes the feeding function through 6-axis rotation, and achieves the need for bending through the precise positioning of the other 2 axes before and after;

B15-8 CNC Profile Bending Machine
B15-8 CNC Profile Bending Machine

The model of B15-8 CNC Profile Bending Machine is shown in the figure below

B15-8 CNC Profile Bending Machine
B15-8 CNC Profile Bending Machine

Mechanical structure


Fixed main shaft: The main shaft rotates through a servo motor to drive the reducer, and the reducer is connected to the main shaft through a universal drive shaft, and the rotation speed of the three axes is the same;
Movable main shaft: The reducer is driven by a servo motor, which is connected to the main shaft through a universal drive shaft; the movable main shaft is connected to the fixed main shaft through a screw feed mechanism, and the distance between the movable main shaft and the fixed main shaft can be adjusted. After adjustment, it will be automatically locked.
Automatic feed shaft: this is a driven shaft, without power output, it can rotate under the action of the friction of the profile;

Axle seat and axle seat slide

The six feed wheel shaft seats adopt circular shaft seats, the shaft seats are installed on the slide plate, the slide plate of the fixed shaft seat is fixed on the frame, and the movable shaft seat slide plate can move relative to the fixed slide plate through the slide groove device;

The automatic feed shaft seat moves in a special slideway, and the linearly movable deceleration device is driven by a servo motor. The deceleration device drives the feed shaft seat to produce displacement. The displacement is fed back to the numerical control system by a grating ruler, forming a closed loop control, and the repeat positioning accuracy can be Up to 0.01mm.

Profile displacement measuring device:

Install an auxiliary roller device between the second and third groups of feeding wheels, which directly contact the outer surface of the profile. The movement of the profile drives the auxiliary roller to rotate. The auxiliary roller drives the rotary encoder and feeds back into the numerical control system. Form a closed-loop control, used to accurately measure the displacement of the profile, the positioning accuracy is less than 0.5mm.


Pickling treatment and electrostatic spraying on the surface of the frame and guard plate.

Operation control part

The color touch operation screen that can be rotated left and right makes it easy to observe the process of feeding and discharging while operating.


Voltage:220V 50HZ
Spindle feed speed:0~8m/min
Maximum diameter of mold:200mm
Roller diameter:42mm
Center distance between fixed axis and moving axis:100-300mm Adjustable
Rated thrust of feed shaft: 10-15 tons 
Work precisionFeed axis positioning:≤0.01mm
Feeding positioning: ≤0.5mm
Maximum bending section:Maximum width 100mm
Maximum height: 120mm
External dimensions of the host:1500mm*1300mm*1450m
Weight of the whole machine: 800kg

Main components

Component nameSpecification
Control system: Japanese “Panasonic Panasonic” program controller
Operation screen:Taiwan “Weinen” 10-inch touch color screen
AC servo system:ESTUN, servo drive and servo motor.
Low-voltage electrical components:Schneider
Position detection switch:Schneider
Deceleration device:Super Borel
Encoder:TEP, equipped with anti-interference module, good arc repeatability.
Grating rulerSINO
Adopts dual-drive grating ruler, equipped with anti-interference module, and has good arc repeatability.