Suitable for bending linear profiles of different cross-sections and different metal materials

Working Principle of B-50-3 CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

B-50-3 cnc aluminum profile bending machine is mainly composed of 3 sets of roller shafts and 2 sets of profile rollers. The movement of the equipment rollers and profile rollers are automatically controlled by the motion controller.

cnc aluminum profile bending machine
CNC aluminum profile bending machine

The roller mold matched with the profile section uses the principle of three-point circle. Adjust the feed amount of the middle roller shaft, so that the profile is fed once or multiple times between the roller molds, and the profile is formed to the required radius one by one.

The profile displacement is collected by an encoder, and the feed of the middle roller mold is collected by a grating ruler. The displacement of the profile and the feed of the middle roller are all controlled by closed-loop control to meet the requirements of high-precision bending arcs.

Specification of B-50-3 CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

Voltage: 380V 60HZ 
Roller speed: 1-15 rpm
Maximum diameter of mold:500mm
Roller diameter: 125mm
Center distance of fixed shaft500~1200mm adjustable
Y-axis push rod thrust: 50 tons Max 70 tons
Z-axis push rod thrust: 20 tons
Maximum torque of X axis: 13000 N.m
X-axis positioning accuracy: ≤0.5mm
Repeated positioning accuracy of Y-axis cylinder: ≤0.02mm
Z axis positioning accuracy: ≤0.1mm
Y-axis feed range: 0-600mm
Z-axis lifting range: 0-200mm
Minimum processing radius: 200mm (one-time forming)
Maximum section of the machinable profile: width ≤300mm, axial height ≤450mm
Dimensions: 2100mm*2200mm*1850mm
Whole machine weight: 5000kg

Mechanical Structure & Advantages of B-50 CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

Axle slide

  1. The steel plate is quenched and tempered, and the dovetail groove structure is connected. Each surface is processed by a grinder. After the combination, the upper and lower surfaces are processed by a grinder, and the surface is electroplated with hard chromium.
  2. The structure has high strength, good structural stability, and can withstand particularly large tensile forces.
  3. The minimum distance between the left and right fixed wheels can be adjusted to 450mm, and the minimum bending radius can be 150mm

X axis rotation transmission mechanism

  1. The planetary reducer (high transmission efficiency and high precision) is driven by the CNC special high-power servo motor, and the planetary reducer drives the roller shaft to rotate
  2. The structure can ensure that the linear speed of the roller mold is consistent by automatically adjusting the speed ratio
  3. With great driving torque, it is suitable for bending high-strength and large-section profiles.

Z-axis lifting mechanism

  • Structure: A three-phase motor drives the lifting reducer and guiding device to realize the precise movement of the profile roller in the Z-axis direction up and down;
  • Advantages: easy adjustment, high positioning accuracy

Y-axis propulsion mechanism

  • Structure: The hydraulic cylinder is driven by the proportional servo hydraulic solenoid valve to realize the precise positioning of the intermediate spindle.
  • Advantages: high positioning accuracy, high accuracy of positioning (≤0.02mm) can be ensured when the spindle is moving forward and backward, suitable for difficult variable-curvature arc bending processing.

Touchable color screen

Can slide and swing left and right

  1. It is convenient to observe the process of feeding and discharging at the same time of operation
  2. The appearance of the machine is beautiful, the surface of the frame and guard plate is pickled, phosphated, and electrostatic sprayed.

The three-roller axles are all active axles, and all have “anti-tilt” devices

The electrical system is made according to European standards and has high safety.

Software Function of B-50 CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

  • 1The workpiece can be rolled and formed at one time; it can also be bent and formed repeatedly as needed
  • Flexible shape:C-shaped, U-shaped, 3R-shaped (variable curvature), multi-segment arc program (variable curvature), C-shaped decrement program
  • Automatic calculation of the rebound amount of the profile
  • (The arc radius of the first profile is not accurate, and the second profile can be accurately bent according to the calculation result)
  • Auxiliary calculation: knowing the chord length and chord height, the radius and arc length can be obtained
  • Self-diagnosis function: if the equipment fails, it can judge the quality of the components
  • Manual adjustment function: Inaccurate size arc can be corrected by manual function.
  • Each arc shape can store 100 profile formulas

Use Environment of B-50 CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

  • Please use it indoors to prevent water from drenching;
  • Ambient temperature 0℃-45℃;
  • It is recommended to use hydraulic oil: HM68#;
  • Grounding: The equipment must be grounded reliably;

Security Requirements of B-50 CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

There are safety protection switches in the response positions such as the operation console and the left side of the fuselage, which can protect personal safety, equipment safety, and reduce workpiece damage during an emergency stop;
The position setting can be fine-tuned. The industrial computer has the function of automatically remembering the position, which can eliminate human measurement errors and stop collision accidents, and double safety protection.


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aluminum profile bending machine

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