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How Many Names Does Angle Roller Have? May Be Greater Than 10

Pyramidal angle roll

An angle roller or angle roll is a type of machine used to bend metal profiles such as angles, channels, and beams. It consists of three rollers that are arranged in a triangular formation. The two bottom rollers are fixed in position while the top roller is adjustable and can be moved up and down to adjust the bending angle. When the metal profile is passed through the rollers, the top roller applies pressure to the profile, which causes it to bend to the desired angle. Angle rollers are commonly used in metalworking and fabrication industries to produce parts for various applications.

About the processing capacity of an angle roller

angle roller for flat bar bending

The processing capacity of an angle roller depends on various factors, including the size and thickness of the metal profile being bent, the type of angle roller, and the material properties of the metal being processed. Generally, angle rollers can handle metal profiles with a thickness ranging from 1/8 inch to 1 inch or more, and with widths ranging from a few inches to several feet. The processing capacity of an angle roller can also be influenced by the number of passes required to achieve the desired bend angle and the speed at which the metal profile is fed through the rollers. In general, angle rollers can process multiple profiles per minute, depending on the specific machine and the material being processed.

Why named “angle roller” or “angle roller”

Profile bending machines, section bending machines, angle rolls, and angle rollers are all different names for the same type of machine that is used to bend metal profiles. The term “angle roller” is a commonly used term in the metalworking and fabrication industries worldwide, so it is not necessarily more popular in any one specific country.

Some countries or regions that are known for their metalworking industries, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, and the United States, are likely to have their own names or variations for this type of machine.

angle roller roll bend a tube

For example, in Germany, a profile bending machine may be called a “Profilbiegemaschine,” in the United Kingdom, an angle roller is sometimes referred to as a “section bender,” in Australia, it may be called a “profile roller”, while in Italy, it may be referred to as a “curvatubi” In the United States, an angle roll may be referred to as a “roll bender” or “section bender.” In other countries, it may simply be referred to as a “rolling machine” or “roll bender.” Ultimately, the popularity of the term “angle roller” may vary depending on the specific industry, region, and cultural context.

However, it’s important to note that these machines are widely used and known by many names worldwide, so the specific name used may also depend on the industry, application, or personal preference of the user.