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Aluminum/Steel Door & Window Frame Bending Machine

Bending aluminum window frame extrusions can be some of the most simple to bend aluminum sections. Either that or they can be incredibly difficult. But the basics of bending are the same for all materials in that certain information is required to produce an accurate part of aluminum window frames.

4 Difficulties in Bending Aluminum Window Frame

  1. How the extrusion used
  2. The shape of the window
  3. The tightest bending radius to be achieved
  4. Since having the section pre-coated introduces the possibility of damaging the finished surface.

When faced with the sections of risk presented above, you need to read the following to find creative solutions.

4 Factors for High-quality Bent Aluminum Door & Window Frame

The aluminum door & window frame process is more or less similar to what happens to the different types of steel. The type of bending is mainly dependent on its application.

Factor 1#: Aluminum Grade

The purest aluminum grades present little to no complications when bending them. These types of aluminum pipes are soft hence easy to bend. Most importantly they have excellent workability and ductility. Compromising their integrity during the bending process does not pose an issue. However, there are aluminum alloys with excellent properties. These properties make them excellent bending options for more specific applications: PBF Series Stretch Forming Machine

Factor 2#: Fixing Defects

Aluminum door & window frame bending faces similar problems as stainless and carbon steel bending. The recommendations for solving the problems are thus the same. The defects may prove to be more difficult to prevent in the case of more than 100mm hollow section aluminum frames. We recommend using the stretch forming process to solve it.

Factor 3#: Frame Thickness

During the bending of aluminum hollow section frame, there is often a significant change in thickness. This is especially between the inner and outer walls of the bend. One common problem is the formation of wrinkles in the inner wall.
Good news is: BIT’s window frame bending machines provide support to prevent problems with the cross-section.

Factor 4#: Bend Radius

Most suppliers provide recommendations on the achievable minimum radius. They recommend the radius that will not compromise the window frame’s integrity. In order to achieve this, expert-level attention is key.
When the bending radius is greater than 180 degrees, we will recommend you use the bending process: PBA Series Aluminum Bending Machine.

Door & Window Frame Bending Machine