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Nantong Borisbang Industrial Technology specializes in the production of palte bending machine, profile bending machine ( also referred to as section bending machine, section bender).

Reliable profile bending machine – profile bending factory has 3 sets of angle rolls by BIT
A small metal bending company procures 3 angle iron rollers from BIT

Borisbang Industrial Technology is one of China’s early development of profile bending technology. It has been engaged in the industry for more than 30+ years, has participated in many competitions with the world’s leading manufacturers, and has made remarkable achievements.



In China, more than 10000 devices have been developed by Borisbang in the world, because Borisbang has always insisted that the highest level components on the market be used on machines to ensure the quality advantages of products.

So to today’s factory machines, they are still being used satisfactorily, creating efficiency and efficiency for customers, and the farthest equipment is also running in Europe from the origin of profile bending technology.

Profile bending machine manufacturer

Profile bending machines are widely used in metallurgy, ship, machinery, vehicles, containers, building materials, chemical, aviation, energy, architecture, and other industries.

List of our products: profile bending machine
Must know section bending information: a practical guide to the section bending of various metal profiles



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