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PR4-5020 4 Roll Bending Machine

The PR4 5020 4-roll bending machine is specifically suited for steel plates with a yield strength σ≤Q345A and is a specialized and robust equipment designed for heavy-duty metalworking tasks. PR4 5020 4-roll plate rolling machine engineered to handle a rolling thickness of 40mm, a plate width of 2100mm, achieve a minimum plate rolling diameter of 2500mm.

PR4 4-roll bending machine

This PR4 5020 plate roller’s exceptional capabilities make it well-suited for processing thick steel plates, ensuring precision and efficiency in forming large-scale plate rolling. The four-roll design guarantees superior control and uniformity throughout the rolling process. By utilizing multiple rolls, the PR4 5020 plate bending machine gradually shapes the wide steel plate into a plate rolling while maintaining consistent thickness and width, meeting the demanding 2500mm minimum plate rolling diameter requirement.

Integrated advanced control systems and precision mechanisms enable meticulous adjustments during operation. This ensures even pressure distribution across the plate’s width and controlled tension throughout the rolling procedure, resulting in high-quality plate rolling with precise dimensions and meeting the specified yield strength of σ≤Q345A steel.

The PR4 5020 4-roll bending machine’s substantial power and efficiency complement its design, providing the necessary force to drive the rolls effectively. Its high efficiency not only ensures accurate plate rolling but also maximizes productivity, handling heavy-duty steel plate rolling tasks with ease.

Main Parameters

ModelPR4 5020
TypeCNC 4 Roll
Rolling Plate Thickness 40mm* 2100* Φ2500 (σ≤Q345A)
Pre-bending Thickness 30mm* 2100* Φ1000 (σ≤Q345A)
Max Rolling Width2100mm
Roll Working Length2050mm
Unbend Flat≤2 times plate thickness
Plate Yield Limit345MPa
Top Roll DiaΦ560mm
Lower Roll DiaΦ540mm
Side Roll DiaΦ430mm
Drive MethodsHydraulic motor + planetary gear box
Rolling Speedabout 4.5 m/min
Hydraulic Pressure20Mpa
Main Drive55 KW
Frequency50 Hz
Digital Control With IndicationYes
Electric centering platformOptional
Cone Bending DeviceOptional
Hydraulic CNC Synchronous Lower RollerOptional
Hydraulic Deflection CompensationOptional
Vertical Hydraulic Support 3m/4tOptional
Side Support SystemOptional
Feeding Table – L = 3 MetersOptional
Oil CoolingOptional
Oil HeatingOptional
Automatic LubricationOptional

Medium-Heavy Rolling Plate Machine

A medium thickness steel medium-heavy rolling plate machine, commonly referred to as a “medium gauge plate rolling machine,” serves as a specialized tool in metalworking industries. This machine is specifically designed to handle steel plates of moderate thicknesses, typically ranging from several millimeters to a few centimeters.

The medium thickness steel medium-heavy rolling plate machine is engineered to provide precise bending and shaping capabilities for these mid-range thickness materials. It incorporates various configurations, including three-roll and four-roll designs, each tailored to meet specific bending requirements.

These medium-heavy rolling plate machines are versatile, allowing for the shaping of steel plates with widths spanning from moderate sizes to wider dimensions. They find extensive use across diverse sectors, such as construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and more, where medium thickness steel components are required.

Featuring robust construction and advanced control systems, these machines ensure efficient and accurate plate rolling operations. They offer the necessary mechanisms and controls to adjust pressure, tension, and curvature, enabling operators to produce accurately bent or curved components within the medium thickness range.

Safety features are integrated into their design, prioritizing operator protection. Emergency stop mechanisms and safety guards ensure a secure working environment.


The PR4 5020 4-roll bending machine, capable of handling 40mm thickness, 2100mm width plates, achieving a minimum plate rolling diameter of 2500mm, and designed for steel with yield strength σ≤Q345A, represents a pinnacle of precision and power in heavy-duty metalworking. Its exceptional capabilities ensure precision, safety, and efficiency in shaping thick steel plates into plate rolling for various industrial applications demanding high-performance materials.