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PR4-2520 4 Roll Bending Machine

The PR4 2520 4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine stands out for its exceptional capabilities in plate rolling, specifically designed to handle plates with a thickness of up to 25mm and a width of 2000mm. This 4-roll plate rolling machine is recognized for its efficiency and precision in shaping various materials, offering remarkable versatility in achieving desired curvature and forms.

4 roll bending machine

One of its outstanding features is its capacity to handle smaller diameters, allowing the rolling of plates to a minimum diameter of 1000mm. This attribute makes it suitable for applications requiring tighter curvature or smaller bending radii. The 4-roll design of this machine ensures enhanced accuracy and uniformity throughout the bending process, enabling smoother and more consistent results.

4-roll plate rolling machine

Compared to a conventional 3-roll bending machine, the PR4 2520 offers unique advantages due to its additional roll. The fourth roll facilitates greater control over material manipulation and bending, resulting in improved accuracy, reduced residual stress, and minimized material distortion.

Moreover, its robust construction and advanced technological features make it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, from metal fabrication in manufacturing to construction projects that demand precise bending of thick plates.

The PR4 2520 4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine stands as a reliable and efficient solution for various industries seeking high-performance plate bending machinery. Its ability to handle substantial plate sizes, thicknesses, and achieve smaller bending radii make it a valuable asset for achieving precise and customized plate bending requirements.

Main Parameters

Model PR4 2520
TypeCNC 4 Roll
Rolling Plate Thickness25mm W2000 Φ1000 (σ≤Q245A)/18mm W2000 Φ1000 (σ≤Q355A)
Pre-bending Thickness20mm W2000 Φ1000 (σ≤Q245A)/14mm W2000 Φ1000 (σ≤Q355A)
Max Rolling Width2000mm
Roll Working Length2050mm
Plate Yield Limit245MPa
Top Roll DiaΦ350mm
Lower Roll DiaΦ320mm
Side Roll DiaΦ260mm
Drive MethodsHydraulic motor + planetary gear box
Rolling Speedabout 4m/min
Hydraulic Pressure20Mpa
Main Drive18.5 KW

About PR4 4-Roll Bending Machine

CNC PR4 series four-roll plate rolling machine is a fully hydraulic-driven CNC rolling machine with a PLC programmable digital control system. It achieves automatic cylindrical rolling of materials. This machine boasts advanced structure, superior performance, high precision, efficiency, and user-friendly operation, positioning it as a leading technology among similar products worldwide.

During the rolling process, the upper roller remains fixed, while the lower roller moves upwards in a linear motion to clamp the steel plate. The two side rollers adjust the curvature radius of the roller by moving upwards on linear guides in relation to the upper roller. It allows for one-time feeding of the metal sheet, enabling end pre-bending and rolling forming without the need for turning. In batch production, the automatic mode ensures consistency among workpieces in the same batch. This machine is ideal for rolling various irregular-shaped workpieces such as cylinders, arcs, cones, rectangles, etc. It is the preferred model for cylindrical rolling in industries like metallurgy, construction materials, petroleum, chemical, water conservancy, power generation, bridges, military, coal, mining, shipbuilding, boilers, aviation, environmental protection, metal structures, and more.

CNC One-Step Forming

The embedded software for CNC four-roller one-step plate rolling machines is a specialized system designed for these types of machines.
This software system features high intelligence and automation capabilities, capable of the following functions:

3-roll plate rolling machine
  • Data Retrieval and Storage: Supports one-click retrieval and storage of batch plate rolling data, enabling users to manage and retrieve plate rolling data of different specifications and batches conveniently.
  • Automated Operations: Equipped with automated rolling programs, after data collection and adjustments, it can initiate operations with a single click, automatically feeding materials and completing one-step circular shaping.
  • Compatibility with Manual Operations: The system supports manual operation programs, allowing users to switch to manual mode when needed, enhancing system flexibility.
  • Support for Irregular-Shaped Workpieces: Apart from circular workpieces, it also supports the automated rolling of irregular-shaped workpieces such as square pieces, expanding the machine’s applications.

This embedded software system provides greater convenience, automation, and versatility for operating CNC four-roller one-step plate rolling machines.


  • The electrical system of the machine tool is equipped with short-circuit, open-circuit, leakage, and overload protection devices, providing machine protection in case of power failure or unexpected shutdown. Each motor is equipped with corresponding circuit breakers for overcurrent short-circuit protection and thermal relays for overload protection. The lifting and lowering mechanisms for the lower roller, side rollers, and support rollers are fitted with corresponding limit switches for protection. The flipping cylinder for tipping and resetting has upper and lower limit switches for extreme protection. The main power circuit breaker has a separate tripping mechanism, and there are emergency stop buttons on the control panel and flipping support frame to remotely cut off the main power. In the event of an emergency, operators can conveniently and promptly shut down the equipment and systems to ensure the safety of both the equipment and personnel. The machine is equipped with perfect and reliable collision prevention, safety protection, fault alarm functions, and emergency stop switches.
  • Pressure relief valves are employed for pressure limit protection in both the lower roller and side roller pressure application, as well as for the rotation of the upper and lower rollers. In the case of overload usage, the relief valves will unload to protect the system.
  • The moving parts of the equipment are coated with safety colors, or safety coloring is applied according to user requirements, enhancing visibility and safety awareness around the operational areas of the machine.