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PR4-0615 4 Roll Bending Machine

4 roll plate rolling machine

PR4 0615 4-roll bending machine designed for rolling a thickness of 6mm, handling plates with a width of 1500mm, and achieving a minimum plate rolling diameter of 500mm is a specialized piece of equipment tailored for precise and efficient metal fabrication tasks.

Exciting Plate Roll Bending Process of BIT’s 4-Roll Plate Bending Machine【Four Roll Plate Roller】

The PR4 0615 plate rolling machine, equipped with four rolls, offers enhanced control and uniformity throughout the rolling process. Its configuration allows for the gradual and precise shaping of plates into plate rolling while maintaining consistent thickness and width. The capability to achieve a minimum plate rolling diameter of 500mm highlights its versatility in producing compact plate rollings meeting specific size requirements.

Advanced control systems integrated into the PR4 plate roller enable meticulous adjustments during operation. This ensures even pressure distribution across the plate’s width, controlling tension and facilitating the creation of high-quality plate rolling with accurate dimensions.

Safety features are fundamental in its design, prioritizing the protection of operators. Emergency stop mechanisms and comprehensive safety guards ensure a secure working environment.

The PR4 0615 4-roll bending machine’s efficiency and power complement its design, delivering the necessary force to drive the rolls effectively. Its high precision not only guarantees accurate plate rolling but also maximizes productivity, making it an ideal choice for various metalworking applications requiring 6mm thickness, 1500mm width plates, and achieving a minimum plate rolling diameter of 500mm.

Main Parameters

Model PR4 0615
TypeCNC 4 Roll
Rolling Plate Thickness6mm W1500 Φ500mm (σ≤Q245A)
Pre-bending Thickness4mm W1500 Φ500mm (σ≤Q245A)
Max Rolling Width1500mm
Roll Working Length1550mm
Unbend Flat≤2 times plate thickness
Plate Yield Limit245MPa
Top Roll DiaΦ190mm
Lower Roll DiaΦ190mm
Side Roll DiaΦ160mm
Drive MethodsHydraulic motor + planetary gear box
Rolling Speedabout 4.5m/min
Hydraulic Pressure19Mpa
Main Drive4KW

1/4 plate roller

4 roll bending machine
4 roll bending machine

The 1/4 plate roll serves as a versatile and essential tool in metal fabrication processes, enabling the precise shaping and bending of metal plates to create a variety of components used in different industries.

4 -Roll Plate Rolling Machine: Stainless Steel Hot Tub Liner Automatic Production Line

The term “1/4 plate roll” typically refers to a plate rolling machine capable of handling materials with a thickness of one-quarter inch, which is approximately 6.35 millimeters. These plate rolls are specialized machines used in metalworking and fabrication industries to bend or curve metal plates of varying widths and lengths.

A 1/4 plate roll is designed specifically to handle materials with a thickness of 1/4 inch or less, providing the necessary mechanisms, rollers, and controls to bend metal sheets precisely. These machines often come in various configurations, including three-roll and four-roll designs, each offering specific advantages for different bending requirements.

The 1/4 plate roll usually incorporates robust construction, advanced control systems, and safety features to ensure efficient and safe operation. It allows operators to produce curved or cylindrical components with accuracy and consistency while meeting specific thickness and diameter specifications.