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4-roll bending machine

4 roll section bender videos

Description of 4 roll section bender

The 4-roll section bending machine has the function of pre-bending the end of the profile, which can complete the pre-bending of the end of the profile and the roll forming of the workpiece without turning. Here, every secondary element is eliminated and results in higher torque transmission. Reduce the flat end of the profile, thereby saving a lot of cost.

4-roll section bending machine
PBH-140F 4-roll section bending machine

The 4-roll section bending machine series can provide a greater distance between the side rollers, thereby obtaining a larger bending radius. Due to the wider distance of the side rollers, the BIT 4 roller profile bending machine has a larger diameter bending capacity. The BIT 4-roll profile bending machine is optimized for the bending of H&I beam and channel in hard-way.

The 4-roll profile bending machine is more powerful and accounts for a considerable proportion in terms of frame, shaft size, bearing and driving torque. CNC control and multiple options are available. Our bending procedures include: pipes, angles, channel, Tee, H & I beams, square or rectangula tubes and square bars.

BIT Serise 4-roll Section Bending Machine Advantage

The BIT series 4-roll hydraulic profile bending machine supports extremely high profile section bending performance. The BIT section bending machine is a technologically advanced, reliable and accurate machine that can ensure excellent bending quality and the highest long-term growth rate.

The BIT series three-roll profile bending machine can provide the best results for the bending of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper and other steel alloys. It is very suitable for bending various profiles from small to large, thereby minimizing parts And scrap: flat bar, square & round bar, Tee steel and angle steel in all bending methods, and through a set of BIT’s unique combined cross-section bending die, it can also bend I & H-beam and U-channels.

Frame of section bending machine
Thicker and stronger frame of section bending machine

The BIT series four-roll profile bending machine has the strongest frame that can be found on the market. The unique full-frame design can withstand all bending forces and guarantees the rigidity and performance of the machine during decades of use by BIT customers; it adopts an extended design In order to increase rigidity and strength, it is manufactured by welding, and after welding by high-quality heavy steel plate, stress is eliminated.

BIT four-roll profile bending machine has up to 6 sets of hydraulic components, which can accurately drive the 3D guide rollers of the profile bending machine

Section bending machine 3D guide roller
Section bending machine 3D guide roller

By adjusting two more powerful horizontal hydraulic 3D guide rollers, they can be adjusted in the six directions of up and down, left and right movement and push/pull, respectively, and can support and accompany curved profiles to ensure optimal control of the rolling level Straightness, and correct the deformation of the profile rolling process.

The BIT four-roll profile bending machine is very suitable for manufacturing flanges, greenhouses, railings, large building structures, and various circular patterns in various sizes of sections and pipes.

Photo of 4 roll section bender

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