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Introduction to Hydraulic Three-Roll Cone Rolling Machine

The machine belongs to the hydraulic type three-roll cone bending machine, used for rolling steel plates into conical shapes. The upper roll is pressed down by the motor through the power transmission of the oil pump, solenoid valve, and oil cylinder, causing the plate to bend and deform. The rolling drive is driven by the main motor through the cycloidal needle reducer, coupling, driving the lower roll to rotate, and becoming the active roll during rolling.

sheet metal cone rolling machine
sheet metal cone rolling machine

Main Structure:

The main structure of the 3-Roll Cone Rolling Machine consists of the upper roll device and pressure device, lower roll device, main transmission device, tilting device, left and right side frames, and base.

  • Upper Roll Device and Pressure Device: The upper roll device consists of the upper roll, upper roll bearing seat, etc. The upper roll is made of 42CrMo steel forging, with medium-frequency quenching treatment HB300-350, and sliding bearings are placed at both ends of the upper roll. The pressure device is powered by the auxiliary motor, and torque is transmitted through the oil pump, solenoid valve, and oil cylinder to drive the upper roll to move up and down.
  • Lower Roll Device: The lower roll device consists of the lower roll, lower roll bearing seat, lower roll sliding bearing, etc. The lower roll is the active roll, and torque is transmitted to the lower roll through the main motor, cycloidal needle reducer, and coupling. The lower roll is made of 42CrMo steel, with medium-frequency quenching treatment HB300-350.
  • Main Transmission Device
    The main transmission device consists of the main motor, bipolar cycloidal needle reducer, brake, etc.
  • Left and Right Side Frames, Base: The left and right side frames and base are welded steel plate components.

Hydraulic System

 Cone Rolling Machine
3 Roller Cone Rolling Machine

The hydraulic system consists of gear pumps, valve groups, auxiliary pipeline components, etc. The gear pump can work under high pressure and high speed. The hydraulic valves use the superimposed valve series, with a simple layout of pipelines, less leakage, and convenient maintenance and debugging.

Electrical Control System

The equipment’s electrical control system consists of an electrical control cabinet and operation control console. The power supply is 380V/50Hz. The main switch has short-circuit protection and overload protection functions for the main motor. The forward and reverse rotation of the motor is controlled by AC contactors. Strong electrical control components, including circuit breakers, fuses, contactors, thermal relays, buttons, switches, indicator lights, etc., all use the Delixi series.