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Remind you: Angle bending machine "Five wheels" in the use of 3 points

      Angle bending machine There are 3 points of attention during the use of the "Five Wheels" to remind you of friendship:

      The "five wheels" include an adjustment roller (upper roller), two drive rollers (lower roller) and two limit wheels.

 Because these three rollers are the main working parts of the Angle bending machine, they are subject to heavy loads and require high strength and hardness. Generally, high-quality carbon structural steels are used as the material of these three rollers, and their yield strength is ss. For 380Mpa, the hot rolling hardness can reach 255HBS.

 In order to increase the friction between the angle bending machine roll and the rolled steel plate, the surface of the lower roll can be knurled.

Taking into account the thickness (or width) of the Angle bending machine, the lower roller will generally be divided into two parts, which are composed of inner and outer rollers. Note the following when processing different specifications of flat steel (angular steel) for the profile bending machine. Some points:
 1, according to the Angle bending machine its wall thickness, adjust the gap between the inner roller and the outer roller, adjust the first loosen the screw 2, use the hexagonal square wrench to adjust the screw 3, so that the angle steel can move flexibly in the slot, and finally With the locking screw, you can use the flange forming machine to work with different specifications.